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Gradient Technology provides innovative solutions through applied chemical engineering.

We have participated in a wide variety of commercial, petrochemical, and governmental projects including synthetic fuel production, autothermal hydrogen generation, munition demilitarization and chemical conversion of explosive materials.

Gradient Technology has achieved recognition for applying advanced, environmentally friendly solutions to munitions demilitarization. These solutions have enabled the resource recovery, reclamation, and reuse of formerly waste energetic materials through patented chemical processing technology. In addition, Gradient Technology has been involved with munition projects in both the USA and abroad, ranging from large, multi-staged chemical conversion facilities to highly mobile waterjet demilitarization systems that can be taken into unimproved areas.

Gradient Technology currently operates out of two main facilities and maintains two additional field offices. Gradient Technology's laboratories and process operations meet full governmental standards as required by the Department of Defense, Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Labor. Because of the sensitivity of the work Gradient Technology performs, all Gradient Technology's facilities are controlled access.

Munitions Demilitarization
munitions demilitization
Gradient Technology's Mobile Waterjet cutting and washout system can safely access high explosive ordnance and remove hazardous contents for disposal...MORE
Complete Recycling
munitions demilitization
Gradient Technology offers complete recycling services for highly explosive and hazardous
material... MORE
Chemical Recovery/Conversion
munitions demilitization
Gradient Technology can successfully recover, recycle, or convert ordnance chemicals for reuse... MORE