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Chemical Engineering Services

Gradient Technology is a full-featured Chemical Engineering firm that provides a full range of chemical engineering services from providing basic research to fabricating complete chemical facilities. Gradient Technology offers integrated chemical engineering solutions based on a structured, systems engineering approach. Our senior management maintains a structured approach to problem solving.

Gradient Technology has the expertise to tackle the most demanding projects. We are capable of providing you a new process, a new product or equipment design, or a full-scale plant design and installation.

Research and Development

Gradient Technology’s highly skilled chemical engineers were all selected from prestigious research institutions such as the Exxon Research Laboratories and the University of Minnesota. Our cadre of engineers have extensive chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural experience. Their advanced research efforts have provided Gradient Technology with a broad range of patents, numerous successful programs, and even winning us the coveted Tibbetts Award for innovation by the U.S. Government and the Minnesota Project Innovation Excellence Award for innovation.

We have the experience and the technology for providing innovative manufacturing solutions and even hazardous material repurposing and recycling operations. While some engineering companies use the paradigm of working from “cradle-to-grave,” we believe that Gradient Technology can provide process and product services from “lust-to-dust.”

Gradient Technology’s in-house chemical laboratory can provide basic research for new product development or product improvement. Our engineers and scientists use advanced computer modeling to transform research data into design concepts that can be repeatedly tested prior to actual hardware being built. Laboratory scale and pilot plant operations are used to scale up process operations to improve process efficiencies and reduce implementation risk.

Our in-house research laboratory is also fully qualified to handle hazardous materials and carries full Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) licenses for providing research on energetic materials.

Gradient Technology has a full staff of chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as ancillary programmers, designers and craftsmen, to translate research data to viable designs. Gradient Technology’s in-house fabrication operation then works closely with the co-located engineers to transition their designs into reality. Engineering changes and interface issues, should they occur, are resolved within our shop with minimal impact on cost or schedule.

Gradient Technology maintains a complete team of designers to complement our engineering services. Our skilled designers work closely with our engineers to develop the detailed CAD drawing, diagrams, and documentation required by your specific project.

Project Management

All projects are assigned a specific Project Manager who is fully responsible and empowered to determine and deliver exactly what you require, on time, and within budget. The Project Manager provides a single point of contact for your project and provides you with constant feedback about the project’s status.

Laboratory Services

Gradient Technology maintains a BATF licensed chemical and explosive laboratory in our Elk River Complex as well as pilot plant facilities for use in all types of product and process development work. Gradient Technology pilot plants provide the best opportunity for developing and testing of new products and new processes.

Gradient Technology's laboratory specialists can provide a rapid and inexpensive evaluation of process and product development, as well as custom analytical procedures and product quality testing. We can also provide assistance and training for specially developed lab equipment designed and constructed in our in-house chemical processing equipment fabrication shop.

Pilot Plant Services

Gradient Technology pilot plants are specifically designed to test your unique process and production requirements in an accurate, small-scale simulation. Although some people believe that computer modeling is sufficient, Gradient Technology’s experience has shown that pilot plants are the most cost-effective method to reveal process inefficiencies and other unforeseen process problems, allowing corrections to be made while still in a low-cost environment.

Along with test data, our pilot plants can provide small production batches for analysis, test markets, or specialty markets. During testing your pilot plant project can also service as a small scale training facility for your plant operators and supervisors. All Gradient Technology pilot plants are supervised by experienced chemical and process engineers and supported by our team of technicians, laboratory staff, designers, and craftsmen.

Plant Engineering Services

Special equipment required for laboratory or pilot plant tests is designed jointly by the engineering staff and equipment designers and fabricated by the craftsmen in Gradient Technology's in-house shop. Data from the pilot plant operation is used by the engineers and equipment designers to scale the equipment to production size. Gradient Technology’s design and drafting is electronic CAD based and can be tied to GIS (geographical information systems) for interface with emergency services.

Process Automation

Gradient Technology has extensive experience in process automation and control. We back our automation services with extensive process engineering experience. Gradient Technology automation systems provide pinpoint control of all process variables to minimize human and process errors. The rapid response of a fully automated system provides a more consistent level of product quality. The advantages of Gradient Technology automation include: reduced production cost, improved product quality, and increased safety. Gradient Technology can also upgrade or modify your existing system, even those from other suppliers.