gradient technologies
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What does the symbol actually mean?

The second letter, "T," just stands for "technology." The first symbol, which looks like an upside down Greek letter delta or a weird letter "V", is the one that frequently confuses people. The symbol is simply mathematical shorthand for "gradient." In chemical engineering there are a great number of gradients, such as thermal gradients, pressure gradients, and concentration gradients. Chemical processes are "driven" by these gradients. Consequently, we used the shorthand symbol for "gradient" in our logo. Mathematics also uses the same symbol for mathematical gradients.

Why recycle munitions? Why not just open burn or open detonate them?

Sometimes open burning or open detonating (OB/OD) actually IS the best answer. However, many times it's not due to safety, environmental restrictions, or just high cost. Studies performed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (UCRL-15902) have shown that an appreciable amount of hazardous materials contaminates the environment during OB/OD. Besides, we believe that it is better to recycle materials whenever practical. We expect to see more recycling of munitions in the future now that viable technologies are being developed.

How safe is the demilitarization process?

Waterjets have demilitarized over one million fuzed, high explosive projectiles and bombs without incident. Computer modeling and process analyses place the probability of an explosion due to waterjet cutting at an extremely low probability. Obviously, it's less than one chance in a million. In fact, the probability is so low that we are embarrased to state it lest someone think it is just marketing hype.

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