74th Annual Speech Contest in Southwest District


74th Annual Speech Contest – Southwest District

The 2018 American Farmers & Ranchers Southwest District speech contest was held Nov. 8 in Cache, Okla.

The winners include:

AFR/OFU Novice: 1st: Addy Schneberger, Carnegie; 2nd: Merrick Ballou, Elgin; 3rd: Peyton Deel, Elgin

AFR/OFU Junior: 1st: Maci McCorkle, Snyder

AFR/OFU Intermediate: 1st: Karla McConnell, Calumet; 2nd: Paige Huckaby, Snyder; 3rd: Kelby Shumaker, Navajo

AFR/OFU Senior: 1st: Tanner Stevens, Yukon; 2nd: Emily Moore, Hammon

Science & Natural Resources Junior: 1st: Cherokee Sanders, Snyder; 2nd: Konner Shebester, Alex; 3rd: Emily Alexander, Mangum

Science & Natural Resources Intermediate: 1st: Grace Schneberger, Burns Flat-Dill City; 2nd: Morgan Bailey, Tipton; 3rd: Lana Sherry, Yukon

Science & Natural Resources Senior: 1st: Landri Chaplin, Weatherford; 2nd: Tayten Lierle, Hydro-Eakly; 3rd: Tiffani Snow, Lawton

Agribusiness Junior: 1st: Wyatt Jensen, Altus; 2nd: Luke Gallager, Altus

Agribusiness Intermediate: 1st: Connor Brooks, Granite; 2nd: Austin Smith, Hydro-Eakly; 3rd: Abbie Johnston, Snyder

Agribusiness Senior: 1st: Allie Dixon, Burns Flat-Dill City; 2nd: Gabby Barber, Lawton; 3rd: Dixie Boyce-Smith, Cheyenne

Ag Advocacy & Policy Junior: 1st: Kylee Dodd, Cache; 2nd: Jett McIntyre, Temple

Ag Advocacy & Policy Intermediate: 1st: Jesse Bui, Elk City; 2nd: Colter Esparza, Granite; 3rd: Caleb Rainwater, Thomas-Fay-Custer

Ag Advocacy & Policy Senior: 1st: Madison Stephens, Weatherford; 2nd: Jordan Mason, Burns Flat-Dill City; 3rd: Alison Moore, Hammon

The AFR Speech Contests consist of five district contests and a state contest. At each contest, students in grades 4-12 compete in one of four categories – American Farmers and Ranchers/Oklahoma Farmers Union, Science & Natural Resources, Agribusiness and Ag Advocacy & Policy. First and second place winners of each category will advance to the state speech contest to be held at Oklahoma State University on Dec. 1.

This year will mark the 74th year of the AFR speech contests.

“We are proud to host a contest that highlights outstanding youth across Oklahoma,” said Micaela Danker, AFR/OFU youth development coordinator. “The fall speech contests prove to be a successful event every year. It gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge about current issues and topics facing the agricultural industry as well as improve their public speaking skills.”

The AFR speech contests are just one of several ways for Oklahoma’s youth to become involved in AFR. Poster contests, summer youth leadership summit, statewide scholarships, livestock handling and skills contest, livestock judging and grading contests and many other leadership opportunities are available.

AFR/OFU had its beginning in 1905 and is headquartered in Oklahoma City. The organization is actively supportive of Oklahoma’s agricultural industry and rural population, and provides educational, legislative and youth leadership development programs across the state. AFR Insurance provides automobile, home, farm and life insurance with an emphasis on quality products and exceptional customer service. Available statewide, AFR Insurance is recognized as a leading domestic insurance carrier with 162 agencies serving communities throughout Oklahoma.

Photos of the winners will be posted to the AFR youth Facebook page.