County and State Fairs kicking off across Oklahoma

By: Landee Kieschnick, Communication Coordinator

Summer is officially coming to an end, which means Oklahoma fair season is upon us!

In the next few months, many county and state fairs are kicking off across rural Oklahoma.

The smell of freshly groomed shavings and the echoing noise of cattle mooing in the background are just a few sights, smells and sounds that reminds us just how great county fairs are.

Fairs are a time to spend with family and friends, and a time for locals to connect with rural Oklahoma’s finest agriculture.

So, as county and state fair season is gearing up, and I sit here and think about my previous county fair experiences as a young 4-H and FFA member, here are the top five best things about fair season:


  1. Livestock Shows

The show ring is the start of many great memories. 4-H and FFA students have worked countless hours to prepare their show animals for this big moment. The life lessons gained throughout the months leading up to the fair, and the confidence developed while in the show ring, are skills only a “stock show” kid can truly apprehend.


  1. The AMAZING Food

Calories do not necessarily count during fair season! (Or so they say.) County fair season allows you to loosen your belt and truly appreciate all the deep-fried-goodness available during the fair. From deep-fried Oreos, to funnel cakes and corn dogs a mile long, there is no telling what this year’s food trucks will bring.


  1. Community Support

You can always tell when it is fair season because the community support is incredible. Local businesses support 4-H and FFA members at the premium auctions and will also start to close early to allow employees the opportunity to take their children to the fair. Not to mention the community support of local 4-H clubs and FFA chapters that encourage and mentor each student as they prepare their livestock projects.


  1. Agriculture Exhibits

Apart from livestock shows, Oklahoma agriculture is widely displayed during each fair. From tractor exhibits, to petting zoos, and heaps of locally grown produce in the exhibit halls, each county fair allows fairgoers to truly connect with rural Oklahoma’s agricultural roots.

  1. Fair Vacation

OK, county fairs may not be the most ideal vacation, but it is a time to spend with family and friends and just enjoy a week of no school!  4-H and FFA students are able to forget about their math homework for a few days and enjoy all the activities available at the fair.  This year, exhibitors at the Tulsa State Fair have the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the barns and relax in the AFR Exhibitor Lounge, which will be in the Ford Truck Exhibit Hall throughout the duration of the fair.


So, if you are looking for an activity to do with the family, head to the county or state fair! Just to name a few upcoming county fairs: The Canadian County Fair is happening now and will go until August 24th. Other fairs coming up are the McClain County Fair, September 3rd through the 7th; the Cleveland County Fair, September 4th through the 8th; and the Rogers County Fair, September 12th through the 15th. Tulsa State Fair kicks off September 26th and will go until October 6th; and the Oklahoma State Fair, in Oklahoma City, will start September 12th and will go until September 22nd.