Two Oklahoma County AFR Groups Receive Top AFR Award


Love and Beckham County AFR organizations received the coveted AFR 5 Star Award during the annual AFR/OFU convention, Feb. 16, in Norman.

“We talk a lot about our grass roots activity because this is what makes us different from some other groups,” said Terry Detrick, AFR/OFU president. “Our ability to serve local communities while at the same time promoting issues that benefit everyone starts at the local and county level.”

In an effort to recognize the many great things county AFR/OFU organizations do each year, AFR created a system that highlights four key areas:

  • County Officers and Board of Directors organized and become actively engaged county-wide.
  • Actively promote and support AFR Policy Positions county-wide.
  • Actively recruit, promote, and support AFR Youth Programs and Adult Education.
  • Create and Implement new ways to support AFR in improving rural and community life in Oklahoma.

County groups achieving 100 percent of these key areas receive the top award.

In Beckham County, efforts by AFR members included:

  • Hosting the 19th annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast at the Elk City Farm and Home Expo which featured a robust discussion of issues by local and state officials.
  • They raised funds to support their local hospital which was originally built by the Farmers Union.
  • They supported and raised funds for area rural fire departments totaling more than $2,250.
  • They sponsored the annual Beckham County Wellness Week which focuses on improving health for area residents.
  • They sponsored two blood drives as part of the on-going effort by the AFR Women’s Cooperative to save lives through blood donations.

Equally impressive was the work accomplished by AFR members in Love County which included:

  • AFR members donated time and money to make the annual Frontier Days parade and weekend celebration a wonderful event for the entire community.
  • Love County Local 300 provided funds for cancer research.
  • They raised approximately $15,000 for the annual Love County Junior Livestock Auction.
  • They worked with local elementary schools to encourage 80 entries in the annual AFR Youth poster contest.
  • Local 741 donated $500 to the Love County Rehabilitation Team, which supports local volunteer fire fighters and emergency responders.

“This is just a short list of all the great things Beckham and Love Counties have done this past year,” Detrick said. “I know there are other AFR members out there with the same commitment to service as demonstrated by these two counties.  I strongly encouraged you to think about all the ways you help your local community.”


PHOTO CAPTION:  AFR President Terry Detrick, left, presented Love and Beckham County AFR organizations with the coveted AFR 5 Star Award during the annual AFR/OFU convention, Feb. 16, in Norman. Pictured with Detrick is Cody Crow, Beckham County, and Murray McMurray, Love County.